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From time to time, Discover Menorca receives a number of queries from its customers concerning our holidays.  The purpose of this web page is to list some of the more frequently asked questions, together with the answers, which you may find helpful in planning your holiday.

How are the charges for electricity made ?

During the summer season, the rental price for the villa includes for the use of electricity, and there are no additional charges.  For longer stays in the winter months, a small charge is made for electricity consumption.

What is covered by the security deposit ?

The purpose of the security deposit is to compensate for any major, accidental damage that may occur during your stay in the villa.  The security deposit is payable with the balance for the villa rental, and is held at our UK office.  At the end of your stay, the villa is visited by our local representative and, on the advice of our representative, the security deposit is then normally returned to you from our UK office within seven days of your return.  Where some damage has occurred, the damage will be assessed and an appropriate amount will be deducted.  We will then send you a remittance for the balance.

When does your rental period for the villa start ?

Discover Menorca does not have set days from which its villa rentals start and, for your convenience, we will do our best to arrange the villa rental to start on the day of your choice.  In order to avoid disappointment, please contact Discover Menorca early to discuss the availability of the villa in which you are interested.

We are celebrating our wedding anniversary.  Can you please arrange for flowers to be sent to the villa on our special day ?

Discover Menorca can arrange for flowers (and champagne) to be delivered to your villa or apartment, to celebrate your special occasion.  Please contact Discover Menorca and make us aware of your requirements, prior to your departure.

I am not able to drive, and wonder if there are bus facilities available which would enable me to see the island.

The Discover Menorca representatives have details of all the bus timetables for the island, and will be pleased to send this information to your villa.

How often does the Maid Service visit the villa.

Discover Menorca ensures that your villa is properly cleaned before your arrival.  Thereafter, its cleaning organisation visits your villa, if the stay is over ten days, to bring a change the bed linen and towels for the villa, for each week that it is rented.

We have a number of small children in our party, and would like the villa to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Discover Menorca can arrange for a Maid Service to meet your requirements through its villa cleaning organisation.  This service is available at an extra cost.  Please contact Discover Menorca for more information.

I have a small baby, and a young child.  Do your villas include facilities for young children ?

Where the villa does not include these facilities, Discover Menorca has a selection of cots and high chairs available through its representatives, which should be sufficient for your needs.  However, you should either bring your own cot linen and cot blankets with you, or hire these through our local representative in Menorca.

Are the villas air-conditioned ?

While villas are not generally air-conditioned, some villas have permanently installed fans.  Where required, additional portable fans can be hired from our local representative.

I have to use a wheelchair due to impaired mobility.  Do your villas have any provision for me ?

Discover Menorca very much regrets that, unfortunately, its villas do not include any special provision for disadvantaged persons.  Some of the villas do, however, have larger door openings and we are always pleased to advise on ease of access, location of steps, etc.

Can you please advise me what local medical facilities are available in Menorca ?

The full range of medical facilities are available in Menorca, from local doctors, to hospitals in the major towns such as Mahon.  Discover Menorca strongly recommends that you take out holiday insurance that includes medical benefits, and which you can use to pay for any medical attention that is needed during your holiday.

My last holiday abroad was ruined by the noise coming from the construction of another building next door.  Is this going to happen with my villa holiday in Menorca ?

While Menorca is not a general construction site, some resort development does occur on the island from time to time. Fortunately this has little impact on our villas, which are often on already developed sites.  However, where Discover Menorca knows of any construction activity, we will do our best to notify you in advance of your holiday and discuss the situation with you - based on our local knowledge.

I do not intend to hire a car until the second week of my holiday.  Do you include transportation to my villa ?

Discover Menorca does not include transfers in the price of its holidays, as the majority of our customers order hire cars ?  However, taxis are readily available at Mahon airport, and these may be hired by you to travel from the airport to your villa.

We like to eat at the villa, but occasionally would like someone else to prepare some of our meals.  Is this possible ?

Providing that we know of your requirements in advance, on your Booking Form, Discover Menorca can make arrangements for a local Cook to come to your villa and prepare meals.  This would be a local arrangement between you and the Cook, and would naturally involve you making a payment directly to the Cook.